What Happens Now?

June 19, 2017





Controversy is taking place around the globe. The subject matter is “truth” versus “delusion” and the populace is feeling the ramifications. Individuals who attempt to deliver reports in an unbiased manner are feeling the pinch. There is an attempt to restrict freedom and the “people’s right to know the truth” is under assault. Particularly if the information does not conform to untested “popular” views and opinions. A "legitimate" writer/journalist (unless they are writing fiction) should address their work based on "truth." At least that used to be the course of action.


Truth has nothing to do with made-up realisms. Today counter-factual realisms are being touted as truth to a populace forced to participate in the deception. Elephants cannot give birth to giraffes; nonetheless, the psychosis taking place today will have one believe that this manner of conception is possible!


In all honesty, there is a “war on truth.” Restricting the people from access to truth in order to “promote” certain agendas is an affront to our intelligence. There is no hope for society when it is based on mystification and lies. When writers and journalists are punished for presenting "truth and facts," this dramatically alters the dynamics and direction of society. “If one cannot render truth, society cannot progress.” Each individual must use their discrimination, do their own research, and use common sense.


Individuals are being reprimanded for stating what is true. Differing segments of society are organizing “cliques” in conjunction with their own reality. One group is pit against the other. This is what happens to civilizations when verity is not a priority. Whatever makes a person or group “feel good” is how decisions are made today. Humanity is once again on the march and truth must prevail or all is doomed.


The video below provides insight into what will come to pass if the current delusions put forth to society continues. Though I do not agree with everything in the video, I do find it thought-provoking. Take from it what you will.














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