Freelancing and the New World Order

September 13, 2017


Unless you have been asleep for the last two decades, you have probably noticed that the world has changed dramatically. This transformation has been described as “The New World Order.” In this new world, many people envision limited freedoms, a one world currency, diminished privacy, continuous wars, and unadulterated chaos around the globe. For example, the writer of the article “The Hunger Games”: A Glimpse at the Future? offers a grim view of our future existence by comparing the approaching disorder, in his view, to the popular movie by the same title.


The author writes: The hit movie “The Hunger Games” takes place in a dystopian future where the poor and wretched masses live under the high tech tyranny of a wealthy elite. Is the movie depicting the type of society the elite are trying to establish for the New World Order?”


When we observe world events, in all likelihood, we have our own idea about what the future holds. In most cases, it’s about basic survival for food, clothing, and shelter. Of course, these are necessities, but what about our work life? How will we earn our keep in order to acquire food, clothing, and shelter? The future presents a completely new structure. With automation, jobs are being replaced as quickly as they are contrived.


The development of technology to replace human workers appears to be on the increase. This leaves a wide opening for innovative freelancers. Luckily, the future workforce is not exclusively about low-cost labor. Individuals or groups with transforming ideas and state-of-the-art commodities, services, and business paradigms, will take the lead in the world to come.


Numerous experts argue that present-day advances in technology have formulated a progressively unified international agora for industry and capital. Unfortunately, for most first-world nations, the benefit for 9-5 workers has been minimal. The largest benefits have drifted towards nations with ample low-wage workers and cut-rate capital. The need for technology is so vast, assembling various devices and their components takes unending labor. Companies need to make a profit and satisfy their shareholders adds to the pressure of competitiveness. So, what happens if you are a freelancer?


Luckily, the emergence of technology alongside existent sources and capital is bringing about new means of sustaining a living. You have to be ingenious, disciplined, and enterprising. If you are the type afraid to get your feet wet, you may find yourself without any work at all. Time-honored work structures are being turned topsy-turvy as companies broaden their labor force by enlisting an abundant number of freelancers and unconventional wage earners. Freelance workers have essentially made themselves indispensable! As businesses find the need to cut back on costs, hiring a freelancer has become the go-to solution. Word has it that companies are increasingly preferring this type of work situation for a number of reasons; most notably, the quick access to a broader workforce and the increased ability to get more work accomplished.


Generally speaking, ideas will be the driving force and the dividends will be ample. Though ideas are nothing new, in the New World Order, concepts will be drafted by critical thinkers, individuals with insight, and those with a keen ability to cognize the world around them. The world today is prime for freelancers and the challenges of tomorrow will offer endless possibilities.













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