Beauty and Perfection

October 17, 2017

“A horse is a horse of course, of course.” Whether you’ve heard those popular lyrics from the old-time fantasy comedy TV show Mr. Ed or not, the song is an homage to a unique talking horse who gave his owner a good challenge in the IQ department. Now, come to the 21st century and imagine a horse that personifies the concept of beauty coupled with a well established company, and what do you get? A well produced commercial that I found to be one of the most brilliant ever to hit TV screens. The one-minute spot covers a lot of territory in such a short time. The advert is profound, moving, and beautifully filmed. It’s one of my favorites. I’m not a TV enthusiasts, but when I spot something that stands-out with such perspicacity, I have to comment on it.

The commercial starts with a stunning Trakehner Horse (they used several horses during the filming). Celebrated as a “thoroughbred of warmblooded breeds,” this breed of horse is amazingly enigmatic, majestic, brawny, and exquisite. I’m not knowledgeable about horses; however, I know beauty and perfection when I see it! The horse is used as a symbol of strength, stability, and longevity in the advert, and the commercial brilliantly imparts the company’s message. If I lived in the country where this business resides, after viewing the advertisement I would probably be one of their new patrons in a nanosecond! I would love to read your thoughts concerning the concept of the advert and whether you think the advertisement agency did a good job. You can view the advert below. If it says 'not available' you can view it here. You can also view an interesting short film about how the commercial was made here.










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