Should You Be Prepping?

May 10, 2018

 Are things looking scarier or is it simply paranoia? There are many changes taking place around the globe...and it looks like things are going to get worse before they get better. A great shift is taking place and a new-world-order is taking shape. The way we carry out our day-to-day lives will change dramatically. Are you prepared? Have you been doing your homework? The financial sector is crawling into a new phase. Cryptocurrencies, the PetroYuan, the dollar losing prominence, threat of war, banking troubles, job losses, diseases like ebola and more, are all contributing to essential changes of how we live.  Don't get me wrong, it's not all bad...especially if you're prepared. How do you feel about prepping and should you be prepping at all? Read on...


Check out the website The Organic Prepper, there's loads of thought provoking information. Actual stories dealing with people who have prepped, people who are learning to prep, and those who thought prepping was unnecessary are available on the site. Everything from  the chaos taking place in Venezuela (the situation in the country is dire and the perfect example of why prepping is not a bad idea...even if you do it minimally) to the atrocities that occurred in Bosnia, many with first-hand accounts depicted in startling detail. 


In one of Daisy Luther's (the author of the site) latest articles titled: These Rich and Famous Preppers are Coming Out of the Bunker. Do They Know Something We Don't?

She Writes: "I don’t know about you, but I always figure that the billionaire set is “important” enough to be provided with information to which the rest of us do not have access. While I’m not saying that the sky is falling, an asteroid is headed our way, or the complete breakdown of society is upon us, I am saying that when a flurry of preparations of folks who are probably in the know becomes public knowledge, we should all be paying close attention and working on our own survival plans."


The article is captivating. If anything, it will give you pause for thought about prepping.



What is a "bug-out-bag" or BOB, and is it necessary? First, let's break-down what "bug-out" or "bugging out" means. The name roughly speaks for itself. If you are in a panic, running around like a chicken with their head cut-off, your bugging-out. Now, while you're in this catatonic state, you're in no position to calmly make  decisions. That's where the "bug-out" bag comes in handy when the SHTF. You're prepared, or prepped to make-a-move in a fight-or-flight situation, so to speak.  Here is an informative website that goes into the ins-and-outs about, well...bugging out.

The photo above seems a bit creepy; nonetheless, the caption says "Smart Prepper Gear.  If you're going to prep, you might as well be smart about it. Here is a fantastic site about how to be a smart prepper. The articles are extremely informative and well-written. The piece "How to Be a Prepper on a Budget" offers a sigh of relief for those on tight budgets who may fear they have no means of preparedness but to bulk shop at the nearest goodwill store! 


**I hope this article has been informative and enlightening. It's not to scare anyone, it's simply to bring awareness to the "reality" that "things are a'changing" and we can't afford to remain ignorant to this truth. As the saying goes "it's best to be safe than sorry." What do you think?**


Disclaimer: The links placed in this article are not endorsed by me one way or the other. Many things I agree with and others well...I'm not so sure about. Use your own discretion, come to your own conclusions, and do what you have to do!



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