The Dumbing-Down Of Civilization

November 19, 2018


It's a wrap folks! Society has become the dumbest in history. OK, it's not 100% of the citizenry but let's take the populace as a whole minus the few that "get it." We're on a slow roll down a steep hill that doesn't appear to be letting-up anytime soon. 


The dumbing-down heavily shapes the western world. For example, the list (which varies slightly depending on the website) on separates countries by intelligence/IQ. Canada comes in at #25-(IQ97) with Hong Kong at #1-(IQ107). United States is #24-(IQ98) and United Kingdom #15-(IQ100). The Top 5 countries with the highest IQ are all in the east. Hong Kong is followed by South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore at #5. I agree with this list to a point. I mean, if you live in a country with low IQ stats, it doesn't mean that the smart gene passed you by. However, it does mean that you're probably smart enough to construct a decent quality of life for yourself regardless of your environment, or you will probably move to a demographic where it's more in your favor to do so.


When it comes to the United States, most people probably think the country would at least hang with the top 10 higher IQ nations. Here's what the website has to say about it:


"The most obvious example of how Americans have been dumbed-down is through this nation’s failed public education system. At one time not that long ago America reigned supreme as a leading model for the rest of the world providing the best quality free public K-12 education system on the planet. But over the last many decades while much of the rest of the world has been passing us by, it seems an insidious federal agenda has been implemented to condition and brainwash a population of mindless, robotic citizenry that simply does what it’s told, and of course the brainwashing commences early in America’s schools."


Nonetheless, I don't want to make this post entirely about America. The lowering of standards and quality of life affecting the US appears to be taking the entire west by storm.


An individual quoted on the site said: “the world has changed since then. People no longer have time for philosophical reflection or for the effort needed to digest a true work of art.” Those words ring true. You'd think technology would up-the-ante in the intelligence department, but no luck there. In fact, everywhere you go you will find a myriad of people with their noses stuck in their smartphone!Many are probably messaging on one of the various social media platforms or simply find it an easy way to avoid other people. How many of us have used the old smartphone trick to avoid noticing or speaking to someone? Another thing. It's hard to tell who's sane and who isn't. We've all seen individuals freely speaking (usually loudly) walking down the street not knowing whether they are speaking into their phone or boorishly talking to themselves!  


Nonetheless, a certain level of intelligence is required in order to operate the numerous tech gadgets on the market today. In days-gone-by, one could get a job with little reading skills. Now, not only do you have to know how to read, you have to know how to send emails, install software on your smartphone, install and uninstall programs, adjust apps on your computer and smartphone, how to download and upload files, and so on. But this is not the type of intelligence that concerns me most. I'm concerned about "natural" intelligence. The type of intelligence that holds a society together. The type of intelligence that inspires us to do better.


As a whole, the human species has lost the ability and/or the desire to control impulses, allow the expression of truth and candor compared to fantastical views, discern limitations, to go within for spiritual enlightenment, critical thinking, and the necessity to combine the beauty of pure love and intelligence in order to cultivate wisdom. In other words, our environment is consistently driven towards the lowest common denominator and it's getting worse. Anything goes. The answer is never no. There's no growth with this type of conduct permeating society. We'll have to hit rock bottom before the masses wake up. There's a huge shift taking place. Those with insight will survive and come out on the other side "no worse for wear." Those who ignore the lessons brought forth in this current wave of debauchery...will suffer. What do you think about western society today? Are you prepared for the rough-road ahead?














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