Would This Music Video Be Politically In-Correct Today?

July 19, 2019


I came across this music video created 35 years ago. It's an old Mel Brooks vid titled To Be or Not to Be-The Hitler Rap. (Click link or watch video below) In essence, it's a great work of art. The rap itself is brilliant and humorous. The choreography is sophisticated (and a bit raunchy), the attire is eye-catching. And Mel's rap? I tell ya, he could go against the best of them. BUT...would this video be considered politically in-correct today? View the video and afterwards, I will tell you why I think a lot of people would be triggered i.e. butt-hurt about this video. 


  • First of all, the female dancers in the video would be ridiculed to no end. Too pretty, too feminine, too alluring. In today's world of adversarial female empowerment (who could forget the pink pussy-hat march of 2017), women are being conveyed as aggressive kick-ass individuals who view men as their oppressor. I dare not go too deeply into the women's attire. Aggressive feminists would have a field day driving these women to tears over taking part in the video never mind the costumes.  

  • The virile - yet somewhat pansified men - appear to be intrigued by the ladies, but still commanding. Today? The videographer would probably get sued along with the dancers and Mel Brooks as well. Too offensive, too much toxic masculinity and too, well...everything!

  • Mel Brooks would never work in Hollywood again if he made this video today. They would claim that he's "promoting" Hitler ideology, he's a white supremacist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic (even though he's Jewish) and goodness knows what else. Additionally, they would imply that his video could insight others to violence. Plus, they would label the video offensive to all women (especially plus-sized women), transgenders, and the tons of people who claim to be gender-less or gender-fluid. Yes, I know, it gets really complicated!

  • Verses in the video like: "Say, your boots ain't black and your shirt ain't brown, Get back Jack, you can't get down!" Oh dear...these words would be deemed as bigoted on soooo many levels. There's another part of the rap where Mel says "I drank wine from the Rhine with the finest ladies And we did it in the back of a black Mercedes." The beautiful black female dancer comes out and rests on Mel Brook's knee when he says the words "black Mercedes." I'd hate to think of the boycotts that would take place and the term "racist" would be used  ad infinitum. 

  •  Mel Brooks (or a stand-in) does a bit of break dancing in the video; however, it wouldn't be accepted today as it would most likely be considered cultural appropriation. 


Where has the sense of humor gone in society today? Why is everyone so easily triggered? Have you spotted any other points that would make this music video appear offensive today?







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