Is a Financial Depression Looming?

October 18, 2019


I don't claim to be a financial wizard or anything and I'm not offering financial advice; however,  I have carried out extensive research and it's not looking too good for the global economy. Some call it "doom and gloom" other call it "fear porn." Yet, for those who are not paying attention or not taking the information seriously....maybe it's time to start. Now, this may also depend on what part of the world you are in how badly the global economic downturn will effect you. No matter which way you look at it...things are changing and when the SHTF, it may seem like it happened overnight where in reality, the shift has been taking place for years.


The mantra is "buy gold, silver, and other tangible assets." Some have gone as far as to say stack food, water, and ammunition! The experts are expecting inflation-depression 2.0 and it can happen at any moment. 


With thousands of stores closing in the United States, fiat currencies not able to hold-up the world's financial system, the trade war with China and the U.S., and to top it off in the United States " between the $45BN term repo and the $89.2BN overnight repo, the Fed just injected a whopping $134.2BN in liquidity just to make sure the US banking system is stable. That, as the Fed's balance sheet soared by $200BN in the past month rising to just shy of $4 trillion" according to the article Fed Injects $134BN In Liquidity, Term Repo Obersubscribed Amid Month-End Liquidity Panic from ZeroHedge. The article also stated "needless to say, if the funding shortage was getting better, none of this would be happening; instead it appears that with every passing day the liquidity shortage is getting worse, even as the Fed's balance sheet is surging."


Some say it's simply "quantitative easing" by another name.  But whatever it is, it appears that the "bubble is about to pop." Below is more information that I found interesting and insightful about the current financial climate. What is your opinion?


Article Links:


-How to Tell If Your Bank Is Safe or in Trouble

-Unsound Banking: Why Most of the World's Banks Are Headed for Collapse
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-Avoiding Economic Collapse

-Repo Madness Day 8: NY Fed Pumps $110 Billion of Cash Into Market








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