The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Threat

February 14, 2020



I'm sure you all have probably heard the news about the potential pandemic that's affecting the world right now known as the Coronovirus (COVID-19). But is it really something to fear or are we being duped? There have been many other health scares in the past. For example, if you're old enough you probably remember the pandemic scare about the Swine Flu. 


There were many reports about the Swine Flu and to be honest, it was devastating. According to the website linked above:


"Since it started circulating in the spring of 2009, H1N1 (the new name for Swine Flu) has infected about 100 million Americans, killing about 75,000 and sending 936,000 to the hospital, the CDC estimates. Another virus, H3N2, is responsible for more infections, but “in terms of the severity, H1 is kind of this quiet killer,” said Dr. Daniel Jernigan, head the CDC’s flu division.


Six years before the Swine Flu we were shaking in our boots about the Bird Flu Virus (H5N1). In the 14th Century we had The Black Death. And who can forget about the AIDS epidemic? According to reports, roughly 39 million people have died from AIDS. 


Here is a list of The Five Deadliest Outbreaks and Pandemics in History.


We're still in the early stages of COVID-19, but there's no shortage of theories about the virus origins and why it exists. Here's a few I've come upon:


  • COVID-19 is a bio-weapon.

  • COVID-19 started in a lab.

  • COVID-19 is a reaction to 5G.

  • COVID-19 is a cover-up for the coming economic crash.

  • COVID-19 was designed to thwart China's rise to power.

  • COVID-19 was created to decrease the population via a scheme known as Agenda 21.

  • China created the virus to destroy the US.

  • etc., etc., etc., 


Funnily enough, Coronavirus is listed on the back of the disinfectant spray Lysol. The Lysol disinfectant was first put on the market in 1889...! 


My question is: will we have to walk around like this soon

in order to survive? 



Let's hope not!


For me...the jury is still out. What are your feelings about COVID-19? Share them in the comment section below.


UPDATE (February 29): According to the New England Journal the Coronavirus may be no worse than the flu...!!







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